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There is absolutely no need to wear a mask if you are not ill – Shama Sikander


Correspondent Liyakat Shah

The outbreak is wreaking havoc worldwide and we can still sit and count the positives amidst the covid – 19 flu break. We are all mostly grounded and we have to keep washing up time and again to keep us clean and help in stopping the spread of the disease. Shama Sikander has given us some invaluable thoughts on the global slowdown and why we should not panic we spoke to her in detail and this is what she says,

“There is absolutely no need to wear a mask if you are not ill. This has been said by the WHO very clearly. If you wear it even if you aren’t ill, the mask makes you touch your face again and again then that could be lethal too. But I just want to request everyone that we should not panic at all. It is like any other flu. It happens and it goes away, If our immune systems are strong which actually is the case for Indians. We go through so many difficult situations and our immune systems are stronger to fight out any of this flu or cough. The only person who needs to worry is the old people whose immune systems have been hit. But it can be tackled if you keep yourself really clean and stay away from crowded places which have more possibilities to get in contact with someone and get affected. However this virus is teaching us a lot of things if you look at it spiritually. It is teaching us patience and what is more important to us as a human being!! Your family, friends and spending time with yourself, which we always keep running from always to make some god knows what!! We have been running around for nothing. This time of the hour is teaching us that. If you can’t get out of home what else can we do? It’s teaching us basic hygiene. I choose to look at the positive side of it; People don’t wash their hands after doing so many things here. That’s the basic hygiene. When there is a fear of death, humans do everything. We are all learning that living in the moment is more important. It’s ok to slow down and there is no need to run and rush every time. I don’t know where everyone is rushing. The earth had an overwhelming depression or something because it’s a universal slowdown and it’s telling us that there is no need to run and rush. So be positive, do not panic and avoid going to too many places with crowd and be safe. Life will take its course and everything will take its own place. Love yourself and this is the moment. Live it fully.” Now those are some words from the bypass road star and we should actually take time and reflect on things right now and take a moment to realise how important life and living in the moment is just like our Shama says.

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भारत सरकारने फेब्रुवारी 2021 पासून अधिसूचित केलेल्या नव्या माहिती तंत्रज्ञान (मध्यस्थ मार्गदर्शक सूचना आणि डिजिटल माध्यमांसाठीची आचार संहिता) नियम 2021 अंतर्गत असलेल्या डिजिटल माध्यमांसाठीच्या आचार संहितेचे आम्ही पालन करतो. तरीही एखाद्या बातमीविषयी आपली तक्रार असल्यास आमच्या वेब माध्यमचे तक्रार निवारण अधिकारी आणि स्वनियमन संस्थेकडे विहित नमुन्यात अर्ज करू शकता. आपल्या तक्रारीचे निराकरण केले जाईल.


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