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India’s only Sita temple is at Raveri in Yavatmal.

Vinod Patre
Raveri village, 3 km south of Ralegaon tehsil of Yavatmal district, has a mythological history and India’s only Sita temple is present at this place…!

Lord Shri Ram sent Sitamata into exile for 14 years and Mother enjoyed that exile in Raveri, it is said that sage Gritsamada invented cotton. He first gave shelter to Mother Sita and nurtured her. Legend has it that after Mother Sita was blessed with sons Luv and Kush, sage Gritsamad built a hut in the neighboring ashram called Raveri and started living there.

Yavatmal – On one hand, the construction of the famous Ram temple of Ayodhya in India is going on in full swing, while on the other hand, the idol of Sitamata has been restored in the Raveri temple of Ralegaon tehsil. The interesting thing about Yavatmal district of Maharashtra is that the soil here and the water of Tamsa (Ramganga) river, mentioned in Ramayana, was sent to lay the foundation of Shri Ram Temple in Ayodhya, the only grand temple in the world.
History of Sitamata Temple?
Raveri Gaon, a village situated 3 km south of Ralegaon tehsil of Yavatmal district, has a legendary history.
This is the only Sita temple in India, when Shri Ram left Mother Sita in exile, Sita was living in this Dandakaran area. It was here that Luv-Kush’s sons were born. He completed his education here under the guidance of Shri Valmiki Rishi. Lord Shri Ram had left the horse of Ashwamedha Yagya for the whole of India. Luv-Kush had stopped that horse at this place, then Shri Ram sent Hanumanji with the monkey army and at the same time Luv-Kush had tied Hanumanji, he is still in the position of tying Hanumanji at this place.
No woman today wants exile like Sita…!
This temple of Sitamata is a symbol of all the women of the country including Maharashtra. Who had come to send Sitamata into exile. No woman should face such exile. Every man who visits here should feel that he should take care of his wife but it is said that this place inspires men and women alike!
When the dedication ceremony of Shri Ram temple is being celebrated in Ayodhya in January 2024, this village has come into limelight due to the restoration of the idol of Sita Mata in the Sitamata temple in Raeveri of Ralegaon tehsil of Yavatmal district.
Farmer leader Sharad Joshi…
Farmer leader late Sharad Joshi organized a big meeting in Rawari on 8, 9 and 10 November 2001. The temple was also renovated. From there this temple came into light, after having darshan the devotees get to see the statues of Matasita, Pawansut Hanuman and Lavkush. The temple of Sita Mata, which was neglected for thousands of years, was renovated and transformed by farmer leader Sharad Joshi. Today the grand temple of Hemadpanthi attracts devotees. According to the date, even today one can get a feel of the nature of the fair by seeing the devotees going towards Mandiali Raveri.