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Excessive Project Works Is A Burden For Children And Parents Practical Assignments


Project Work And Too Much Homework Leads To Stress, Anxiety, Frustration And Other Psychological Problems

Correspondent – Liyakat Shah

Parents Of Children Studying In Schools Say Those Practical Assignments In The Form Of Projects Only Add To The Load Of The Students. While Agreeing That Project Work Is An Excellent Way To Understand A Concept, Parents Say The Objective However, Is Not Achieved As Children Are Loaded With Practical Work, Home Works And The Cycle Of Tests. This Has Led To Increased Stress, Anxiety, Frustration And Other Psychological Problems. After A Long Day At School, Project Work Overload Is Too Much For Young Kids To Handle. Cost Of Project Material Put Burden On Parents As Every Month Minimum Two Project Work Is Given To Students. Project Assignments and the Pressure to Complete Many Assignments on Time Cause Anxiety and Frustration among Kids and Parent’s. Children Find It Difficult to Complete Their Project Work without Taking the Assistance of their parents. These Projects Are Torture For Everyone, Including The Parents Who Have To Help. Not only Are They Ridiculously Time Consuming, But They offer Little Educational Benefit and Are Therefore Pretty Unnecessary. Children Are Under A Lot Of Stress. We Are All Too Aware That Indian School Children Are Amongst The Most Heavily Burdened Children In The World When It Comes To Homework. Children Are Not Interested in Project Work In School Then Why We Should Force Them. We Should Live And Let Our Children Live. Reduction In Project Load Would Have Far-Reaching Benefits. Right Now, Children Spend Long Hours In Finishing Project Work. If Reduced, They Will Find More Time To Concentrate on Honing Other Skills.

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भारत सरकारने फेब्रुवारी 2021 पासून अधिसूचित केलेल्या नव्या माहिती तंत्रज्ञान (मध्यस्थ मार्गदर्शक सूचना आणि डिजिटल माध्यमांसाठीची आचार संहिता) नियम 2021 अंतर्गत असलेल्या डिजिटल माध्यमांसाठीच्या आचार संहितेचे आम्ही पालन करतो. तरीही एखाद्या बातमीविषयी आपली तक्रार असल्यास आमच्या वेब माध्यमचे तक्रार निवारण अधिकारी आणि स्वनियमन संस्थेकडे विहित नमुन्यात अर्ज करू शकता. आपल्या तक्रारीचे निराकरण केले जाईल.


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