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Vijay Kadechkarr to start digital initiative to guide people in Bollywood industry


Liyakat Shah

Correspondent Liyakat Shah
World’s 1st bollywood business coach Vijay Kadechkarr to start new digital initiative to guide people in entertainment industry. No matter If you are a beginner or an experienced person, there is always a next level to be achieved in the entertainment industry, this is where bollywood business coach comes in picture. They train and nurture people in various verticals of businesses, illustrating from real life solutions. Vijay Kadechkarr, referred as world’s first bollywood business coach is the most talked about person when it comes to helping people in the showbiz. He began his journey with theatre and later moved ahead assisting in Ram Gopal Verma’s film Factory. He has worked as a director, producer, events organiser and a celebrity manager in the span on 15 years for national and international projects across the world. He is the founder of VK Media, a production house, events and talent management company. He also manages world’s biggest dahi handi which has a huge bollywood superstar attendance every year including Shahrukh Khan, Ranveer Singh, Varun Dhavan to name a few. Talking about the future of digitally coaching in entertainment and film industry, Vijay says, “The digital revolution has really turned things around. But as a coach, I would say that its potential is yet to be utilized to the fullest. The actual concept is still naïve and we as digital coach are still exploring the newer sides almost every day. He will be launching an array of digital courses and weekend online training program for each and every sector of entertainment industry. Coaches from different walks of life from all around the world will also share Value on this new platform, he has also written a book on Bollywood Business, which will be out in 2020 with a mission to help people on their journey in the entertainment sector. We wish him good luck for this new venture.