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Riding’ high on emotions, Vidyut Jammwal’s manager gifts a bike to the actor


News by Correspondent Liyakat Shah

Presenting a rare affair of an endearing bond between an artist and a manager, action star Vidyut Jammwal received a Triumph motorcycle from his manager Abbas Sayyed. Giving a testimony of the strong emotional connection between Vidyut and Abbas, the sweet gesture from the latter has made a heart-warming statement. Vidyut Jammwal is a minimalist. He has always maintained a very minimalistic approach towards his lifestyle. He was taken by surprise as his manager Abbas Sayyed presented the token of his love and respect with the Triumph bike. Talking about his heartfelt gift, Abbas Sayyed shared, “Vidyut is extremely sensitive, dedicated and a well bred man. I have worked with a lot of people but what sets him apart is his focus to excel beyond expectation and the constant power to inspire his team. He always celebrates his successes with us. This gift is to celebrate him.” Overwhelmed by the gesture, Vidyut Jammwal said, “I’m so touched by the love Abbas has shown. He is a kind man and I am lucky and blessed to have so much affection and care in my life.” On the work front, Vidyut Jammwal will be next seen in Khuda Hafiz for which the actor recently wrapped the final schedule.

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