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Detective Akriti Khatri shares her story at TEDX IN Hyderabad


Liyakat Shah

Akriti Khatri was recently invited by Ted X NITW to share her inspirational story with NIT Hyderabad. Akriti Khatri was asked to speak about how she became a successful detective, her journey to starting her own company and how she moved ahead along with providing employment to many females in her detective agency. “I had a good time interacting with the students at NIT Hyderabad, I feel if anybody can learn something from my journey I could be of great help and do my part of giving back to the society.” said detective Akriti Khatri. Akriti Khatri runs her own detective agency by the name of Venus Detective which employs almost 70% of females with the objective of increasing the empowerment opportunities for female detective. She overcame the notion and proved it to the world that women can’t be good detectives, she till date has solved more that 8,000 cases in the span of 10 years. “I have often heard about Ted X talks and I was thrilled to know that they wanted me to deliver my speech amongst them. I would like to thank the team for having me there.” Said Akriti Khatri.

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