July 9, 2020


पत्र नव्हे शस्त्र

The appointment of Vinod Patre, founder of Journalist Protection Committee (पत्रकार संरक्षण समिति ) to the Legislative Council.

Pro. Md. shoaibuddin

Akola – The appointment of Vinod Patre, the founder of (पत्रकार संरक्षण समिति ) to the Legislative Council is being demanded by all the president District president and all the member of Journalist Protection Committee. ( पत्रकार संरक्षण समिति ) Every urban and rural journalist is well-versed in popularity and nature. He is a genius and has the ability to take everyone along. This is the reason that this appeal to the Governor by the request of the Journalist protection Committee ( पत्रकार संरक्षण समिति ) president District president and journalists. It is being said that Vinod Patre should be appointed on the Legislative Council

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