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‘Krishi Mantri Ek Divas Shetavar’ initiative started


Does agriculture officer, assistant visit the village? asks Agriculture Minister

Mumbai , date. 14 :- Agriculture Minister Dadaji Bhuse had declared the initiative ‘Krishi Mantri Ek Divas Shetavar’ (agriculture minister’s day at the farm) to understand farmers problems, at Nagpur on 7th February. Agriculture Minister has started the initiative just in week’s time. He visited farmers at their farm of Valvade, Ajang-Vadel, Dodge and Malmatha and discussed with them about their problems. He also asked farmers if agriculture officer and assistant visits the village.

Agriculture Minister Shri. Bhuse has started an initiative ‘Krishi Mantri Ek Divas Shetavar’ to encourage farmers and solve their issues. He has instructed agriculture Secretary and Commissioner to visit the village every two weeks and agriculture officer to visit once a week and communicate with farmers. Agriculture Minister Bhuse has instructed the department to give information on various agriculture schemes. He also discussed with farmers about crop management and productivity.

Agriculture Minister had declared the initiative at farmers award ceremony at Nagpur and it was brought in the effect from today. He met Shantaram Gavali, Valvade, Malegaon and communicated with him. He discussed their problems. He discussed with farmers about crop insurance scheme, onion farming. He also asked them if agriculture officer, assistant visits them or not. Shri. Bhise met farmers from Ajang-Vadel, Zodge and Malmatha villages and communicated with them.

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