March 29, 2020


पत्र नव्हे शस्त्र

Help the poor people’s living around you

Md. shoaibuddin – Alegaon

Akola – At present, our country is passing through very difficult situations. The number of people infected with carona virus in the country is reported to be more than 600. In which the death toll is reported to be close to 9. The reason why the shashan and administration are going to have to take some difficult steps to prevent this infection. In which all business has been closed except for the most essential services. The people who have lost their jobs and those who earn and eat daily are very difficult for these people. But the treatment of this disease is now at their homes.

But we cannot deny how much the poor will have to make for two-time bread. In those who are competent or to whom God has given a lot of things, He will appeal to the people who live around them, and recently, a composition named Jss in Akola Maharastru is distributing food to the houses of the poor. Today, not as a journalist, but as a common citizen, you have to appeal again to your homes. Help the labourers and poor people living around you.

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